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Flexible Workspace Solutions


We give you access to the best coworking space in Clifton Park, no matter your preferences. Need a place with parking? Prefer a standing desk? Need a quiet, private space? These amenities and more are waiting for you right here.


Whether you’re a solo professional, a small team, or an established organization, you’ll find the right space for you and your business at Hangr Coworks in Clifton Park.

Hangr Coworks has all the spaces you’ll need.


We believe work is about people and ideas. Our spaces are inhabited by forward thinkers, innovators and game changers who are confident in achieving their goals. Whether you are a small business, entrepreneur or a corporate intrapreneur, at Hangr Coworks we help our community to expand their horizon..

Hangr. We welcome you all.


without the enterprise costs

Work. Redefined.

We’re changing the way remote work is done. Our Flex+ program allows you the flexibility and ability to an almost unlimited number of individuals looking for more than a coworking space, just like you.

At Hangr Coworks, we’re not your average coworking space. Engineered from the minds of inspired entrepreneurs like yourself, Hangr Coworks is a flexible workspace that not only brings people together to foster brilliant ideas and increase work/life balance, but is also committed to your growth.

Community in Action

Our members join Hangr for one reason, the space, but they stay because of our community. The strength of our community can be directly attributed to our incredible Crew Managers, who are the driving force behind networking events, introductions, and community support in all its forms, including:

What's up @HANGR

Beginning April 15, 2023, Hangr Coworks and Palette Offer Reciprocal Membership to its members. Available for full-time members at Hangr Coworks in Clifton Park, and the Palette Community in Saratoga Springs and Schenectady, active members are now offered a reciprocal membership with Palette and Hangr Coworks, which allows for up to two visits per month to Palette’s or Hangr Coworks OPEN SEAT...
    A quick look at

    HANGR Workspaces

    We understand not everyone has the same need, or likes to work the same way... that's why at HANGR we have options.
    Hangr Mobile

    Always on the go

    For the road warrior always on the go – Virtual Office allows you to drop-in when you need or take the a-la-carte approach and get a business address with Managed Mail, access Conference Rooms at the member rate, or Drop-in by the day for less than what you would spend at a coffee shop. Get your to-do list done faster with our Virtual Assistant service with someone that is local and you can meet face-to-face.

    Prices Based on Services Requested

    Hangr+ Cowork

    Unlimited Coworking

    Open Desk membership is for you full time coworkers that want the flexibility to come in whenever you’d like, even at 3 am.

    Included is unlimited 24/7 secure access to shared desk seating. This is suitable for entrepreneurs and small teams. Unlimited coworking starts at just $250/month

    Hangr+ Desk

    Personal space, full of energy

    You get access to all the amenities and services that help you get the job done but a spot that is dedicated to you with it’s own locking filing cabinet.

    Dedicated Desk start at $300/month

    Hangr+ Offices

    A private, fully furnished, enclosed private office option is available for startups, small established companies that just want to shut the door sometimes.

    1-2 Person Offices from $899/month*

    Hangr+ Spaces

    Book one of our meeting rooms designed to keep your team or your clients comfortable, creative and focused, and our staff will ensure you have everything you need.